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Mizo Zirlai Pawl (lit. Mizo students’ Association) is a Mizo multinational student organization and apex students body in Mizoram state. Established on 27 October 1935 in Shillong by Mizo earlier educated students. Originally as the Lushai Students Association (LSA), which was later replaced with the “Mizo Zirlai Pawl” (Mizo Students Association) on 1 September 1946. As Mizoram State government notified MZP raising day 27 October was observed as “Zirlaite Ni” (Students’ Day) from 2008 in Mizoram. It was registered as SR No. 35 of 1969–70 under Indian Societies Registration Act. Its general headquarters is in the state capital of Mizoram, Aizawl. And it has 12 headquarters inside and outside of Mizoram state,[1] such as Churachandpur (in Manipur), Behliangchhip (in Tripura), and in Mizoram state – Serchhip, Biate, Champhai, Darlawn, Kolasib, Mamit, Zawlnuam, Saitual, Lunglei and Khawzawl. It has 50 Sub-Headquarters and many branches.

Mr. Lalsangzuala Ngente was elected on 16 October 2015 at the MZP 60th Assembly held in Vanapa Hall as the President for 2015–2017 term, he had been replacing Mr. Lalhmachhuana.

Aims and objectives

The motto is Ṭanrual hi chakna (lit. Union is strength) and the theme (thuvawn) is Serve for Mizo Nation (Mizo zirlaite kan ram leh hnam tan). The main aims is ‘to prepare all Zohnahthlâk people to be valuable citizens for the Mizo nation and Zoram ‘ and ‘to help the government in the development of Zoram and Mizo nation’. The following are some of the main aims and objectives:[1]

  1. to safeguard the rights and unity of all Mizo students
  2. to prepare Mizo people to become helpful citizens of Zoram
  3. to do its best to unite all Mizo people and create an independent Mizo state out of all the territories historically occupied by Mizo peoples[6]
  4. to prevent and attack corruption in Mizoram
  5. to conserve traditional Mizo values.


The association is administered by the General Headquarters. The General Headquarters is forming by six elected office bearer. The office bearer were elected for two years by electoral college after every two years, they appointed not more than fifty Executive Committee Member for the term of 1 year. Ten appointed Secretary were selected among the Executive Committee Members and they in-charge various posts to advice and assist the elected office bearer. And then, they run the office and activities actively.

The Executive Committee appoint the Adviser and NESO Council member for one year. Various Sub-Committee and Club also form in the General Headquarters. The following are the elected office bearer for 2013–2015 term-

At present Mr. Ricky Lalbiakmawia, representing MZP in NESO and he incharge the Finance Secretary post.

MZP Assembly is the top authority in the association, and Federal Council Sitting is the second highest authority to rule the association.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mizo_Zirlai_Pawl

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