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  • Eradication of mosquitoes without destroying the world

    By Maneka Gandhi*, Union Minister for Women & Child Development. Even an ahinsak like me makes an exception for the mosquito. I may not kill them myself – but I have the usual array of anti-mosquito devices to protect my house: from various versions of Goodnight to a much healthier and better smelling cowdung and […] More

  • International Tourists Nathan & Danica Reid Share Their Mizoram Experience

    International tourists Nathan and Danica Reid record their experience on what it takes to visit Mizoram. 30 Hours Bus Ride to Mizoram! Eating Rat..Whole! Exploring the villages A visit to ‘Zawlbuk’ – The Entertainment Place For the Young Oh! Yes… Who can’t forget the Exotic Food and Music of Mizoram Got and experience or a […] More

  • Police in India should stop using horses

    By Maneka Gandhi* Union Minister for Women & Child Development. Shaktimaan, the police horse, will probably be the deciding factor in the Uttarakhand elections. Is Shaktimaan the first animal to be killed by Indian protestors? No. It has become fashionable for rabble-rousers to use animals to get media attention. Donkeys, cows, bullocks, poultry are driven by […] More

  • World’s Biggest Family in Mizoram

    As of February 19, 2011, the world’s biggest family lives in Mizoram’s Baktawng village. A man named Ziona Chhana lives with with his 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren. Officially, as per Guinness Book of Records, he heads the world’s biggest family. The numbers may have changed over a period of years. Do you […] More

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