Restaurants in Aizawl city

Aizawl has become one of the popular destinations in North-East India. However, the tourism industry is yet to catch up in terms of services. Despite this, a number of hotels have sprung up in the last few years. Here, we list out some of the restaurants in Aizawl city. Check them out and do let us know your opinion. (Alphabetical order)

  1. Curry Pot. This is at Upper Khatla
  2. Cozy Den. This is at Khatla
  3. Crown Restaurant. This is at Temple Square
  4. David’s Kitchen. This is at Chanmari
  5. Hotel Regency. This is at Zarkawt
  6. Hotel Ritz. This is at Dawrpui
  7. Jojo’s Cafe. This is at Zarkawt
  8. Pemarin Corner. This is at Millennium Shopping Center
  9. Silvermoon Restaurant. This is at Chanmari
  10. Sivermoon Thali. This is located next to Ramhlun Indoor Stadium
  11. Zote Bakery. This is at Dawrui.

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  1. The restaurants in AiZawl are small but some of them are pretty decent. I did went to Hotel Ritz… tough not that large, the staff were cool.

  2. i love the local food at Cozy Den. It was not that sophisticated but simple and yes not that bad considering NE standard

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