Manners and Etiquettes

English is widely used in commercial circles, so there is little need for translation services. Mizo and local dialects are also spoken and businesspeople welcome visitors and are generally very hospitable.

Business cards are an important part of networking. A suit is considered the proper form of business attire. Business hours are generally 0930/1000 to 1700/1730.

Corporate entertaining is important but bear in mind the cultural etiquette. Mizos only eat most with the right hand. The left hand is used for less savoury actions, such as removing shoes. Gifts and business cards should be accepted with the right hand or both hands at the same time, as a sign of respect.

If you’re invited to a Mizo home for dinner, you may not eat until after be ready for non-veg food and some ‘weird’ locally prepared traditional dishes. It is customary to wash one’s hands before and after a meal.

Drinking, especially at lunchtime, should be avoided until visitors are certain of the host’s opinion. Even then, drink/alcohol should always be consumed in moderation

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